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Ben Angel Story: Willy X Sonny

From Earth to Anodyne is full of stars and other planets different worlds but the friendship is still there.

Willy watchful and looked up in thanking She stretched and got up she did not like people courted her and came with breakfast in bed with Sonny did it to be nice, Willy found Sonny was annoying kind but it could be due to the that she had only happiness and joy in itself, but she could be sorry but she could not get angry or evil sometimes wondered willy on Sonny only played just over and annoying kind.

Willy went down the stairs and met Sonny.

Sonny: Your Majesty you're awake, I've done era favorite breakfast.

Willy: So nice of you to make my breakfast for me, you should eat it for me too.

Sonny laughed.

Sonny: Yes, your Honour, I made breakfast for you and no one else, I just wanted to be nice, I can do something else if you want.

Sonny bowed and opened the door to the kitchen.

Willy went in and sat down in the dining room disturbing.Willy looked at the photographs that was hanging on the wall, she watched her parents and her brother and herself smile to those who painted the picture.

Willy: Everything was so good at the time.

Sonny came in with water and Willys favorite breakfast, she put it all down and looked at Willy.

Willy looked at Sonny as steps and smiled happily.

Willy took a bite, she wondered why she was staring so much and she undrae for sure breakfast was poisoned if there might be something left of the old Evil Sunny in her body.

Sonny: I hope it tastes good Your Highness.

Willy: It was delicious, by the way where is Jose, she'll surely be here, I need my most loyal general by my side now that Anji is no more here.

Sonny seemed to think for a while.

Sonny: She is out and..

Willy: Star surfing as usual. Sonny: yes exactly, I'm sorry for what happened to your general friend Anji, I met her once, she seemed nice so she was evil?

Willy: You were on earth at your cousins ​​when Anji she must have been hold of the evil energy as Verdona and you .. but you do not remember anything out of it? your last past life?

Sonny: I remember nothing of my evil I was I so evil as everyone says, I can not believe it but then became Anji as my evil side... it is so sad.. oh wait your highness.

Sonny walked up and leaned forward and wiped out some breakfast breaks that had stuck around Willy's mouth.

Sonny: Excuse me, Your Highness, but you eat with your whole face.

Willy froze the touch she knew her heart beating double blow, she got up quickly.Willy: Excuse me.

Willy went into the bathroom and spollade cold water in the sink and washed her face in cold water, she saw herself in the mirror.

Willy: Why ... How could it happen ...Willy thought for a while before she came to think of Ben Angel, she walked out of the bathroom and walked with quick steps away.

Sonny: are you ok your Highness?

Willy: I'm ok, stop worrying!

JoseStar: Your Honor, I'm sorry, I'm here now, where are you?

Willy walked by JoseStar.

Willy: You have guard duty now go now!

JoseStar looked after Willy went to her room.

Jose Star: what happened?

Sonny: I do not know have no idea.

Willy pulled a few buttons and a hologram appears.

Willy: Call up King of Earth.

It took a while before a hologram of Ben Angel shows up for Willy.

Ben Angel: My Queen of the Anodyne, what did me the honor that you are calling me.

Willy: It's your fault .. You must have infected me!Ben Angel looked at Willy.

Ben Angel: What do you mean?

Willy: Well you kissed me and you must have infected me with your gay manners.

Ben Angel sighed while Sky came into Ben Angel's laboratory.

Sky: what happens here?

Ben Angel turned and looked at Sky.

Ben Angel: If you have not learned how to knock.

Sky: No, why would I do that ..Ben Angel turned back to Willy and smiled.

Ben Angel: I Do not infected and that you have feelings for another woman, you know best yourself.

Sky cough.

Sky: huh wait what girl do you like? Have I missed something?

Willy: Yeah your head and you will lose if you do not keep quiet.

Sky: Hey, it was not nice to say, you have woken up on the wrong side.

Willy: Ben, I have to ask, did you take away everything out Sonny's evil side?

Ben Angel: Well the only thing that's left is joy and happiness but if you press the right buttons, you can make her cry and get angry but it might not last long as a few seconds after that there is nothing much in the brain that are completely full of joy and happiness.

Sky: You said joy and happiness twice.

Ben Angel: Well I do not know how to explain it better.

Sky: So you like Sonny.

Sky smiled.

Willy: Maybe do not know..

Sky: You may bisexuel as me and I like both girls and boys, although I'm more for girls and it's ok to be different that's the thing no one is like no other, what I wanted to bring it here.

Ben Angel: Here, have a lollipop.

Ben Angel gave Sky an orange lollipop.

Sky: I do not want an orange tastes like orange, I want a green black lollipop that is licorice and sour on two different pages.

Ben Angel: You may select more lollipops then ok.

Sky: ok given thanks for giving me a lollipop.

Sky leaned forward and kissed Ben Angel on the mouth.

Sky: This would see Kevin, he would be pissed.

Ben Angel: You two fight almost all the time, you two obviously can not let it go where it happened when we were little.

Sky: Just.. it is he who gets angry can not understand why you like him, I know he's your knight in all the spacers he is your boyfriend but you two do not go out with it so that people know it and the last I heard from Thomas that people begin to suspect something and wonder why you do not have any children.

Ben Angel: I'm telling everyone else and people would just think that Gwen has something to do with it people think so much and it comes and believe that Gwen is evil and that she has enchant me, so it's better that everyone thinks I have no one but ye go after all the anger and everything has healed so maybe I can say something.

Sky: So according to the people that may not be a king to be gay or queen to be a lesbian, that's not cool man.

Willy: Hey, was that a peak at me or..

Sky: No I had forgoten away that you were here or yes your holograms are here.

Ben Angel: Sky..

Sky: I take Your Majesty I go oh by the way you queen your general was is to visit I think she has found someone but that person is not meluckily I already have trouble with two girls .. bye ..Sky went out in the laboratory.

Willy: I would hurt him.

Ben Angel: He is who he is, he can be funny at times as he can be annoying, I can give you an advice listen to your heart and what you think, you will find happiness someday.

Ben Angel smiled and ended the conversation Willy steps in his room and thought about what she would do, she took on the royal crown and went out of her room, she looked up JoseStar who flew around the castle and guarded castle.

Willy: can get here...

JoseStar: yes Your Honor.

JoseStar flew down and landed next to Willy.

Willy: I have heard that you have found someone who comes from the earth, it is true.

Jose Star: yes that is true but how do you know that your Highness.

Willy: it's not so difficult to understand, go to earth, you get time off.

JoseStar hugged Willy.

JoseStar: Thank you Your Highness.

JoseStar flew away and Willy went into the castle again, and she was meeting Sonny who smiled happily.

Sonny: There you are, Your Highness, I have been looking for you.

Willy: So you've been looking for me?

Sonny: I was worried about you, you just walked away and you are the only one who thinks that I am good.

Willy: yes, I am well on the way then.

Willy went to Sonny and kissed her on the mouth.

I was going to write something different another Ben Angel Story.

I will also write a story with a another Ben Angel Story: JoseStar and El-Vin.

Hope someone likes it.
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